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Prasco is an independent, innovative healthcare company that uses a complete approach designed to expand horizons for our partners, customers, and patients. Placing a high value on our insight, dedication, and expertise, industry-leading companies rely on Prasco for solutions within the generic, Authorized Generic, and brand markets. 


Growing up in Shelbyville, Kentucky, E. Thomas Arington began sweeping the floors of Scofield’s Pharmacy in his early childhood years. This experience, along with the mentorship he received from Mr. & Mrs. James Scofield, grew his passion for and dedication to the pharmaceutical industry — eventually leading him to start Prasco in 2002.  Since its inception, Prasco has been consistently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the generic industry.

When our first Authorized Generic launched in 2004, Prasco helped establish a new category that has since fueled the company's growth, brought brand quality products to the generic segment, and saved patients billions of dollars. Prasco has developed strong partnerships with many of the largest and most trusted brand companies and has increased competition across the industry, resulting in more options at lower prices for consumers. And we’ve done all of this with passion and commitment to our "love God, love people" creed.


The Arington Foundation (AF) was founded in 1994 by Mr. E. Thomas Arington. Based in the Greater Cincinnati area, the foundation has provided support for a variety of organizations, including those of athletic, educational, humanitarian, and religious nature. The impact of these groups ranges from local to international.   
http://www.arington.org/ http://www.arington.org/